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Check out our open volunteer jobs at COaltSO !

Be part of the COaltSO world, the land of all possibilities where you may expand your potential, enlarge your social connections, fulfil your dream ! All this can happen if you are determined to support our brand worldwide and to disseminate our service portfolio !


We, at COaltSO – Corporate Alternative Solution, are looking for dedicated volunteers with strong organizational skills in the social media, entry level and mid level. We expect from you to inspire our team members with your energy, dedication, self confidence in order to maximize whole collectivity with your freedom of expression and desire oriented to self-development.

Volunteer working with COaltSO

Here at COaltSO, we strive to create a land of multiple choices that involves commitment, passion and joyfulness of the employees in the creative process of finding the alternative solution to almost any business problem. We are looking for smart and resourceful people who are able to deliver timely through communication and collaboration with other team members any assumed tasks.

What we are looking for ?

First of all, we are interested only (for now) in online volunteers with strong knowledge in advertising on social media. What we ask is to work around 1-2 hours/day of your time, not more. Your job will be exclusively online, when you consider appropriate and as many times you consider, because, we are interested in measurable results. You will work among other volunteers and you will have to share with them your success and failures in order to overpass in future any lack of unpleasantly surprises.

Therefore, we look for individuals with:

- High level leadership roles;

- Extracurricular activities;

- Internship experience;

- Previous social media experience;

- Professionalism in working on WP Blog;

- Active socially.

We do not interview you.

But we will need two references not older than one year both.

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What we offer?

As recognition for your work we provide you a full portfolio published on our corporate site that will help you in your future applications for jobs, studies or other volunteering projects. Depending of each particular project and how involved you are, we may offer special gifts at the end of each project. You will have all the information and support from our team members and your job will be corroborated with those of the other volunteers.


Before you apply for volunteering ask yourself, if:

How often can you engage ? How many hours per day you can be active on Facebook, Twitter, etc ? What are your objectives/ goals about this volunteering ? What i bring into the team ? What kind of projects, activities I want to do ? What I want to achieve ? My purpose in this team. Am I exceptionally creative ? Will I perform all tasks I have assumed ? Do I love social life ?

We need:

Professionalism / Hard work / Commitment / Creativity / Ambition /

Intelligence / Passion / Loyalty / Curiosity / Happiness / Focus /

Honesty / Spirit / Pride / Honor

Why we need expert volunteers in social media ?

Because we want people to find out about COaltSO method, to know about all COaltSO projects, and to disseminate our brand name worldwide. In this regard we are present for the moment on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Dribbble. Therefore, if you know how:

- to create advertise on Facebook for our corporate page. That’s mean to increase the number of followers, likes, shares and comments/month as follows: 25 shares/article/week; 10 shares/FBpage/week; 50 likes-followers/FBpage/week; 1 comment/article/week; 1 article of customized pieces of content with min 550 words on FBpage/week.

- to create posts on Twitter, to increase the number of followers, likes and comments/month as: 50 shares/article/week; 25 shares/Twitterpage/week; 50 likes-followers/ Twitterpage /week; 10 comment/article/week.

- to advertise on Pinterest by creating attractive boards which lead to many followers on different subjects related to the COaltSO Corporate Alternative Solution. Simple as that! Target: 2 boards per week with 50 followers.

- to create a great video commercial about COaltSO Corporate Alternative Solution on YouTube. Target: 1 video per month, 10 subscribers and 500 likes/month.

- to write an article of customized pieces of content of minimum 550 characters monthly for our LinkedIn profile and our WP Blog.

- microblogging on Tumblr. With so many bloggers that post every day, that means you need to find ways to stand out us from the crowd as the COaltSO provider of Corporate Alternative Solution.

- to access the Dribbble, the largest platform of designers and creative professionals. Besides advertising our COaltSO brand, you have also the opportunity to promote yourself ! The main reason to be part of this media is the fact that not a few times between an alternative solution and aesthetics is a connection.

Keep in mind that you will act as a COaltSO volunteer and you will represent COaltSO brand internationallynd and that we expect you to act accordingly. Before you apply, please read carefully all documents posted on LEGAL links. We assume that you have read them before applying. Hence, are you a creative person with skills in advertising, blogging, vlogging, designing ? Then join our team of professionals and start your journey with us ! Apply below for volunteering at COaltSO ! A place where the alternative thinking is at her home and where you are free to lift the “old ones” to the highest level of your creativity !

We have available the following positions:

JOB-PR/SMS-V02 - Social Media Specialist Volunteer

As Social Media Specialist, you will schedule, post, manage all content on social media platforms. You will build, maintain and execute a social media content calendar, you will monitor all social communities, you will be tackling and assisting with various social media-based and beyond tasks, according to the needs of COaltSO tasks. Also, you will mKE research on target audiences and discover trends for content and campaigns, help in curating content across social media accounts, leadership atitude in relation with other members.

JOB-PR/SMC-V02 - Social Media Coordinator Volunteer

As Social Media Coordinator you will have to posess organizational skils, background in previous team coordonation, very good communicator and you will have to coraborate the work of al members of your team. You will have to write, edit, monitor and maintain online content including, but not limited to: articles, blogs, summaries, releases, tweets or any other written content, tou will have to track and analyze our site statisctics and social media statistics using standard Internet analytic tools in order to help shape future online content and improve our audience interaction with atractive contents.

JOB-PR/CS-V02 - Content Specialist Volunteer

As Content Specialist your job will be to inspire as a storyteller using words, social media content, blogs, video, long-form pieces, photographs and many more. Your content will have to be a beautiful and inspirational pieces. Hence, we expect from you excellent writing and editing skills along as well with a keen sense of content strategy. You will have also, to understand the social media content, SEO strategie and implementation, to use content to amplify the work of our entire team al COaltSO, to work with the marketing team to set strategy, to work under presure and to deliver in timeframe your work.

JOB-PR/OS-V02 - Outreach Specialist Volunteer

As Outreach Specialist you will have to work with a fast-moving, cross-functional and data-oriented team focused on expanding the COaltSO provider of Corporate Alternative Solution network and brand. You will have to be able to deliver also cutting edge Blogs content while building relationships with other team members. You must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, experience with SEO research and analysis tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics or Moz/ScrapeBox is also a plus. We expect you to have a talent for content writing, compelling emails or subject lines for outreach campaigns directed to a specific audience, to be creative and process-oriented person who is skilled at building relationships and composing effective communications.

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Our Partners

We at COaltSO, collaborate with the world’s leading and most trusted strategic partners in order to provide you with the latest premium support to achieve the truly and only COrporate ALTernative SOlution to your problems ! We had worked with trained and qualified individuals and developed with our partners contribution in last year’s, proven methods that reflect our real passion and desire to make our world a better one. Based on their ambition and dedication, commitment and expertise our service now is accessible worldwide.

Hence, we offer you a full COaltSO | COrporate ALTernative Solution to you inherent and stringent problem for which you are unable to identify a viable solution in the terms given. We work together at COaltSO and from this perspective many thanks go to our individual partners who remains in the shadow of our success. We acknowledge here also just a few of our partners who trust us in our expertise and in our provided SOLUTIONS !

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Join the COaltSO community as a member who is aware by the fact that in any business, “rabbits can jump at any time” ! In fact, they jump always. Become a part of our collectivity and enjoy the benefits of the Corporate Alternative solution method ! Act responsible ! Join us, now !

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