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There was in the past somewhere in the Orient an old Shaolin temple located far away from any civilization thrown into the middle of the wild nature. It was hidden as a green pasture island within tall snowy mountains. Inside its greyish walls were living three old monks. The monastery remained at a moment without any disciple due to the fact that all of them have gone into the world to spread their teaching.

One day within all monks while sitting in meditation in the warm afternoon sun the youngest of them has spoken loudly:

    We must send across the country the fact that we are looking for news disciples and placard need to be put into the big markets or even papers with our advertising on the doors of the houses we must put. We have to make ourselves known among others that we take in training any new seeker ! We must do something otherwise our knowledge will disappear after we will gone !

The silence has deepened after his words and just the wind appeasement the heat passing over their heads, while the grass grew a bit and the birds singing further. Suddenly as from nowhere their meditation grows in depth. After a while the middle age monk by taking air in his chest with a serious voice as completing the first, said:

    I am not agreed with you ! then fall in quietness.

Birds entered in a suspicious silence and a sort of tension has born within the first monk.

    My point of view is to do nothing ! because the real seeker will find us anyhow ! Our task is to train our disciples and to conduct them from the ignorant state through sannyas into self-awareness and Moksha. Our duty is not to become merchant of human being but rather spiritual guides for those who are searching the greatness of spiritual fulfillment.

The third monk which was the older one among them started to laugh ! Then suddenly, concluded:

    Both of you are wrong !

three monks

Looking at the first the first monk, he said:

    You're in a hurry, which betrays fear to the future, despair and mistrust in your mission. By your approach you will endanger the future of the monastery because you will bring here only the curious and opportunist’s one, not the honest seekers with grace and inner call for spirituality. The values of our teaching will decrease due to the fact that you will replace by your action our monastery principles related to quality with quantity. You run after death and you forget that he comes anyway and you do not have to invite it especially.

On the other hand, looking at the second monk he said:

    Your approach is full of arrogance, vaingloriousness and your pride is an element that not make you a wise master. Your attitude denotes inner competitivity but not in a good sense but rather as a challenge thrown into the face of existence. Your thinking reveal that you live in a tower high above the other thinking that you are somehow superior to the others. Living in an isolated high ground spiritual terrain like a castle will not protect you from coming of death because it was aside you at your birth.

    But, master ! said the first one, we have to do something !

    Yes ! completed the second one, I am agree with you ! we have to do ... nothing !

    My dearest colleagues, both of you are right this time ! We have to do ! You see, the existence is full with solutions and not with problems, all we have to do is to recognize them. In your case, looking at the first monk, in you there is still the shadow of the youngster which is full with action, energy and determination, for you, life is a struggle a problem to be solved. You are old psychically but mentally you are young and imbued with the illusion that life is a sort of homework and that you must resolve it, in a certain sense you are not yet mature spiritually, you are like the must, still fermenting. In contrast with the first monk you are, looking at the second one, way too old spiritually, you are in the opposition. For you, life is over and since you refuse to do a single step show me clearly that you carry also at least one regret. Both o you are the extremes of our life, you see each of you the same event but you interpreted it in different ways. I am fortunes to know you both, concluded the old monk.

At time when the third monk finished his speech the sun sent it to earth his last daily radius of light through the sky perforating the cloudy sky. Nature started to do his job lowering all activity preparing all living things to the night darkness. Can you take a glimpse at the middle ground ? A strange area where you will not stay and doing nothing, but neither you will go outside to do something. On this peculiar territory which is a world of contradictions, all solutions converge to a single one, known as the alternative solution.

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