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COaltSO ("Us" or "We") provides through his correspondent website https://coaltso.com and all its subdomains and various related services (collectively, the "site") acts towards its inner and outer social relations, through the present “Equal Opportunities Policy”. The present policy stipulates the relationships between us and all of our employees regarding equal opportunities as well the objection to any type of discrimination.

1. The Policy

1.1. COaltSO acts as an equal opportunities employer. This means that it is the Company policy that there should be no discrimination against or harassment of any employee or job applicant either directly or indirectly on the grounds of: 1.1.1. Nationality, national or ethnic origin, race, color, ("race"); 1.1.2. Disability (e.g., a long term mental or physical impairment); 1.1.3. Age, marital status or sex; 1.1.4. Sexual orientation or sex change status; 1.1.5. Political, religious or philosophical belief; 1.2. The COaltSO policy is to: 1.2.1. Not support and to eliminate, as far as is possible, any discrimination and/or harassment within the workplace; 1.2.2. Stimulate and to encourage its employees to involve actively against any form of discrimination and/or harassment and to deter employees from participating actively or even passively to any discriminatory behavior and/or harassment; 1.2.3. support all its employees in any case of discrimination and/or harassment at work. 1.3. The “Equal Opportunities Policy” acts on all administrative levels in the COaltSO, without exceptions. Taking the responsibility of this policy is viewed as an internal duty for an efficient business. This requirement is meant to provide a healthy and harmonious working environment by offering equal treatment as well as equal opportunities for all employees. Thus, inner social relations may flourish with respect and dignity among the employees. 1.4. COaltSO employees should ensure that: 1.4.1. They respect the sensitivity of others and co-operate with any measures introduced to ensure equal opportunities; 1.4.2. They do not induce, do not instruct, or attempt to induce or to pressurize other employees to act in breach of this policy. Employees who make complaints or pertinent observations regarding any breaches of this policy will be treated fairly and responsively both when the complaint is made and thereafter; 1.4.3. They will be remunerated, recruited, promoted and released not on irrelevant considerations; 1.5. Any breaches of the COaltSO “Equal Opportunities Policy” and/or procedures will not be tolerated. For small cases it will imply disciplinary procedures while for more serious cases it will affect remuneration, in severe cases this could lead to dismissal.

2. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

The sexual orientation and the gender identity are not subject of debates, are not elements for justifying abuse, discrimination or manipulation methods for personal or collective ambitions. Tolerance is a must in a collectivity and any exception must not be conforming to the majority. Marital status, gender identity, sexual orientation, heterosexual, homosexuals, gay orientation men, lesbian orientation women, bisexual orientation, transsexual, transgender, violation of the rights of the child, inhuman and degrading treatment, identity or beliefs are violations which are not accepted on the territory of day by day activity at the COaltSO. The human rights protection is a priority.

3. General application

3.1. Recruitment and Selection Selection and recruitment will be made in accordance with the present policy of providing equal opportunities for the employee. The management directorial board of the COaltSO will provide for each phase of selection and recruitment decisions in such a way that applicants will receive equal opportunities. 3.2. Training and Promotion The board will continually assess the promotion potential of our staff. Equal opportunities and objective selection criteria will be the starting point for any individual or group training initiative. 3.3. Grievance and Discipline In case any employee believes that they have experienced: 3.3.1. Unfair or unlawful discrimination, 3.3.2. Racist or sexist abuse, 3.3.3. Harassment He or she should raise their concern through the grievance procedure in their local department. In extreme cases individuals may approach the directorial group of GM.

4. Monitoring

In order to achieve equal opportunities the effects of the present policy will be examined on a monitoring basis, by collecting personnel data on an anonymous basis to be analyzed and interpreted. Objectives pursued are: 4.1. To identify reasons, employment procedures, unintentional impact and practices of individuals or particular groups in the workforce; 4.2. To establish appropriate corrective actions against any action mentioned in this policy; 4.3. To enable the COaltSO managerial team to review and reshape from time to time the equal opportunities policy and programs.

5. Communication

The present “Equal Opportunities Policy” will be published on the official corporate website https://coaltso.com/equal-opportunities.html . At the same time, it will be communicated throughout the workforce in a wide and effective way and also to potential employees, partners, customers and any employees of contractors working on the Company premises. The COaltSO managerial team is responsible for ensuring that such communications take place.

6. The law

The law under which this policy acts is represented by the laws of the Romania. Any issues regarding this “Equal Opportunities Policy” and complains will be resolved in the territory of Romanian courts. The above Policy is meant to establish a trustworthy and lasting relationship between each employee of the Romanian COaltSO.

7. Further Information

This document was last updated on April 06, 2018

If you notice that any user is violating this Equal Opportunities Policy, please contact us.

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