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We provide Corporate Alternative Solutions for individuals, small and large businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, environmental and governmental projects and institutions. We not just sell our services for those who are in need; we offer you a whole package containing the best solution for your problems which will supply completely your needs and expectation.

Our team is prepared and trained to deal with almost any complex business problem in order to be able to provide you a community-based solution as a:

- Solution beyond Solutions ! -

We, the COaltSO team believe strongly in the unorthodox approach to any problem born within our daily business activity, whether is born in management, administration, rebranding, retooling, expansion or marketing. At the foundation of our method named the Corporate Alternative Solution - COaltSO, stand a physical explanation with respect to any occurred problem, discovered by the founder of our community philosophy, Dr. Ovidiu Borchin with Ph.D. in theoretical physics. Briefly said it states that the solution for almost ANY business problem always lies inside the question. All you have to do is just to recognize it. Therefore, the method is focused in finding the solution beyond all solutions. Despite the fact that it tremendously simple at a first glim it requires a close collaboration between all team members. From this perspective it is very similar with a brainstorming team activity. However, the COaltSO team require a leader with scientific know-how, expertise in education and proficient in psychological analysis, in order to channel the team work into the narrow crevasse of the only feasible solution. We are proud of our operation and we shall do our best to offer you a particular way – solution, which will make you forget your investment in our service !

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Submit your project for a preliminary analysis. Your problem will be treated under a strict confidentiality by our team. It will cost you only a fraction from the total amount you will probably lose anyhow in the absence of the miraculous solution you can’t find by yourself. We shall investigate all the chances of solving it and you will receive a straight answer: drop it and reorients your business or we can solve your problem and hence we will take your project. Act now, knowingly !

Our Partners

We at COaltSO, collaborate with the world’s leading and most trusted strategic partners in order to provide you with the latest premium support to achieve the truly and only COrporate ALTernative SOlution to your problems ! We had worked with trained and qualified individuals and developed with our partners contribution in last year’s, proven methods that reflect our real passion and desire to make our world a better one. Based on their ambition and dedication, commitment and expertise our service now is accessible worldwide.

Hence, we offer you a full COaltSO | COrporate ALTernative Solution to you inherent and stringent problem for which you are unable to identify a viable solution in the terms given. We work together at COaltSO and from this perspective many thanks go to our individual partners who remains in the shadow of our success. We acknowledge here also just a few of our partners who trust us in our expertise and in our provided SOLUTIONS !

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Join the COaltSO community as a member who is aware by the fact that in any business, “rabbits can jump at any time” ! In fact, they jump always. Become a part of our collectivity and enjoy the benefits of the Corporate Alternative solution method ! Act responsible ! Join us, now !

COaltSO | Solution beyond solutions - offer you a whole package of alternative solution to your problem of which you will be more than satisfied.
That's our guarantee !
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