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We provide Corporate Alternative Solutions for individuals, small and large businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, environmental and governmental projects and institutions. We not just sell our services for those who are in need; we offer you a whole package containing the best solution for your problems which will supply completely your needs and expectation.

Our team is prepared and trained to deal with almost any complex business problem in order to be able to provide you a community-based solution as a:

- Solution beyond Solutions ! -

Our Partners

We at COaltSO, collaborate with the world’s leading and most trusted strategic partners in order to provide you with the latest premium support to achieve the truly and only COrporate ALTernative SOlution to your problems ! We had worked with trained and qualified individuals and developed with our partners contribution in last year’s, proven methods that reflect our real passion and desire to make our world a better one. Based on their ambition and dedication, commitment and expertise our service now is accessible worldwide.

Hence, we offer you a full COaltSO | COrporate ALTernative Solution to you inherent and stringent problem for which you are unable to identify a viable solution in the terms given. We work together at COaltSO and from this perspective many thanks go to our individual partners who remains in the shadow of our success. We acknowledge here also just a few of our partners who trust us in our expertise and in our provided SOLUTIONS !

Our Methodology

Our method, named the COaltSO - COrporate ALTernative SOlution, is applicable when each of the five pillars are grounded in the issues it faces. They are: drafting the history of the problem, gathering all data process, circumstances analysis, ideation which unleash the team creativity and the box extension phase allowing selectiveness which lead to the – solution beyond solutions !


Our services materializes in projects which are designed to bring new perspectives as alternative solution for old and already accepted problems as being unresolvable. Such concepts we will have to neglect in future in order to be able to bypass such apparent lack of solution. To achieve such goal we will have to see the old things with new views, we will have to put away old habits for new behaviors and old ideations for new states of mind, which may open for us new perspectives. Because there are Solution beyond Solutions !


Business services at COaltSO are delivered to other business customers. A layered business management service approach is delivered, by our team capable to handle bridge operations in order to optimize your business services. We make optimization for existing business, either in virtual or real media, as well as for new projects which require alternative solutions to be implemented.


Management close surveillance services applied to your business in order to consolidate your performance, by implementing a systems management from bottom to the executive level. A new alternative solution in management at a corporate level cannot be found in the presence of the traditional way of thinking. For these new approaches we have to change our way of handling ideas.


Crisis stages we at COaltSO take under our surveillance in order to deliver you the best currently alternative solution within all solutions. We are able to improve your management performance by reviewing your application performance not just at the corporate level but also in relation with your customers and in balance with your company history previous applied solutions.


Environmental requirements impose, planning or just impact studies services. We, are prepared at COaltSO to deliver all these to your business. Our team will convert your data into scenarios; under this operational intelligence stage we will elaborate a set of multiple applicable and viable solutions, to your problem, in order to find the best alternative environmental solution to your particular needs.


Social problems or social projects as well as the management of the employees or the network reorganization on a corporate level can create a daunting task, when no solution is looming. Within these problems in case which impose implementation of automation software or storage management, we at COaltSO are prepared to identify and deliver you the best alternative solution.


Local, regional and international monitoring services, related to all your business nodes, we provide at COaltSO in order to deliver you an interconnected management network within all departments of your company. We provide also assistance in delivering you the best alternative solution; in respect to the local, regional including national traditions and any business occurrences.


There was in the past somewhere in the Orient an old Shaolin temple situated far away from any civilization thrown into the middle of the wild nature. It was hidden as a green pasture island within tall snowy mountains. Inside its greyish walls were living three old monks. The monastery remained at a moment without any disciple due to the fact that all of them have gone into the world to spread their teaching.

One day within all monks while sitting in meditation in the warm afternoon sun the youngest of them has spoken loudly:

    We must send across the country the fact that we are looking for news disciples and placard need to be put into the big markets or even papers with our advertising on the doors of the houses we must put. We have to make ourselves known among others that we take in training any new seeker ! We must do something otherwise our knowledge will disappear after we will gone !

The silence has deepened after his words and just the wind appeasement the heat passing over their heads, while the grass grew a bit and the birds singing further. Suddenly as from nowhere their meditation grows in depth. After a while the middle age monk by taking air in his chest with a serious voice as completing the first, said:

    I am not agreed with you ! then fall in quietness.

three monks

Birds entered in a suspicious silence and a sort of tension has born within the first monk.

    My point of view is to do nothing ! because the real seeker will find us anyhow ! Our task is to train our disciples and to conduct them from the ignorant state through sannyas into self-awareness and Moksha. Our duty is not to become merchant of human being but rather spiritual guides for those who are searching the greatness of spiritual fulfillment.

The third monk which was the older one among them started to laugh ! Then suddenly, concluded:

    Both of you are wrong !

Looking at the first the first monk, he said: READ MORE !

Call To Action

Submit your project for a preliminary analysis. Your problem will be treated under a strict confidentiality by our team. It will cost you only a fraction from the total amount you will probably lose anyhow in the absence of the miraculous solution you can’t find by yourself. We shall investigate all the chances of solving it and you will receive a straight answer: drop it and reorients your business or we can solve your problem and hence we will take your project. Act now, knowingly !

Join the COaltSO community as a member who is aware by the fact that in any business, “rabbits can jump at any time” ! In fact, they jump always. Become a part of our collectivity and enjoy the benefits of the Corporate Alternative solution method ! Act responsible ! Join us, now !


Using the COaltSO contact form, you can send us questions or concerns, suggestions or even observation or comments related to the services we offer. Please use a valid email address to get a response. By contacting us, we assume that you have read and agree to the all Legal terms. We will endeavor to respond in due course. Thank you !


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